• Laure

  • Paris
In Rachel's company, the afternoon spent scanning your closet is a sweet escape combined with a pleasant atmosphere and perfect efficiency. Each piece of your wardrobe finds a new impetus, a new revival and an improved combination ; Rachel also knows how to get rid of the few useless items! She focuses on you, your line, your desiderata and subtly revitalizes your look and your clothes. With her, you feel good, pampered and boosted. The shopping afternoon is a fantastic flight: Rachel has previously spotted for you the indispensable piece of clothes that you will like and which resonate with the other elements of your wardrobe. With her eagle eye on each fitting, she scans the garment and line to immediately give her professional verdict while allowing great freedom in the choice and the final purchase. Shopping with her is a pure moment of happiness and lasting satisfaction. To be renewed without moderation !
  • Marc

  • Paris
Stopping by Paris for a few days, I needed the help and the skills of Rachel in order to renew my wardrobe. The deal was clear and very precise : Renew my wardrobe for my professional activities. Working in a very coventional « white collar » environment, « a touch of fun » had to be skipped. Rachel succeeded smartly to the issue. Within the choice of the suits fit, depite the classic colors we picked up, she managed to reveal my personality in what we can call the « business uniform » which are the suits. She managed to keep my « creative » flair, with my very grounded mindset, with a bit of modernity (details and slightly original « twists »). She achieved maintaining the first function of clothes. (suit : symbol of power and social position, even more in the industry field where we are often « confront » to the teams !). Without neglecting my « youth » and my energy  that the suit had to unveil, we took the right suits.. Another gain, she moved my comfort zone by stepping outside the brands I used to be a regular client. Thanks to Rachel for the discovery of new designers, (adapted to my budget !)  such as Wicket or Ludovic Kamgue. Well done !
  • Marie-Laure

  • Honk-Kong
Few month ago when I looked at my wardrobe, I found that nothing suited me anymore, old and boring.  I went out shopping but couldn't find anything suitable for me so I ended up buying the same clothes that I had at home same colours ( mostly black) and I didn't felt satisfied... Until I met Rachel. She came to my house and listened to me with caring and kindness helping me to find a new life for my clothes, how to accessorise and give a touch of feminism in everything without losing my personality. She helped me giving up black( almost!) and found colours that suited me. Shopping with her was discovering what I had become.
  • Jean-Christophe

  • Paris
Asking for Rachel anyways’ services was worth every pennies and beyond. It’s way more than a simple wardrobe make-over or trying to be trendy. She will truly make you find your own style, she will wake up your sense of style. As many men, I was a little lost on that point when I first met her. Either you think you are not good looking enough to even care or that a man shouldn’t even care about one’s appearance. But with Rachel, I discovered that there is nothing superficial about men’s fashion. She allowed me to create my own style with great taste, without being either too classical or eccentric. I didn’t think that through the way I dress I will discover so much about myself. And to top it all, Rachel is just a lovely and delicate woman.
  • Côme

  • Liège
Rachel is a fairy who comes into your home and with a few strokes of a magic wand, relieves your wardrobe of a few superfluous horrors with tact and delicacy. It is follow by a makeover shopping, a pure pleasure! A feel good meeting that I which to all women who cares about her appearance.
  • Alexis

  • Paris
Thanks to her sharpness and uniqueness, Rachel managed to emphasize my slender silhouette by suggesting me a style fitting to my image, far away from the men’s fashion diktats. She gave a new life to former pieces of my wardrobe by adding new ones. She also succeeded in making me feel confident and awake my curiosity which allowed me to adopt a new kind of elegance, responding to my expectations and my budget.
  • Marie

  • Boulogne
A big moment of pure pleasure within a sometimes boiling everyday life ! Rachel’s warm and wise advises  (the new Parisian priestess of fashion) are accurate, original and full of common sense. Her eye is paying attention to any important detail : wardrobe revisited, accessories emphasized, outfits skillfully studied. An experience to be renewed !!!